Tracing the Origins of Tea and Exotic Drinks: From China to Dominican Republic

The tea and the exotic drinks have become an essential part of our lives. Most of us can’t even survive if they do not drink tea for a whole day. The love of tea has now turned into the addiction and it is taking control of our mind and body. Tea is such an incredible drink that nobody wants to get rid of it and everybody loves falling in love with this exotic drink.

But there are only a few people that are aware of the origins of tea. There are lots of green tea brands working nowadays and we regularly use the brand that suits us the most but we have never thought of finding the origin of the tea to see that where it comes from. Most of the brands, mention the name of the origin on the packaging while there are others that do not mention the name of the origin.

And there is no problem if they do not mention the name of the origin because they are not bound to do so. However, the brands that mention the name of the origin are the ones that want to promote their brand using the name of the origin. Today, we will take a look at some origins of tea to help you increase your knowledge about the drink that you are using in your daily routine.

Here are some origins of tea and exotic drinks.


Most of the people believe that China was the first country where the concept of tea was introduced for the first time. The Chinese people have always remained popular for making use of different kinds of herbs. So, it is a concept that a Chinese person tried to understand the use the tea plants in the 16th century and this is where the tea was introduced for the first time. He realized that the taste of the herb was amazing so, he introduced this herb to all others and the tea plants started becoming popular.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is popular for its natural beauty but most of the people do not know that the Dominican Republic is also a great supplier of tea all around the world. There are many different kinds of tea plants that grow in the Dominican Republic and then supplied to the rest of the world. Most probably the cup of tea you are holding in your hand also belongs to the Dominican Republic.


Kenya is also popular for supplying tea all around the world. There are many tea lovers that are aware of this fact because it is mentioned on most of the tea packaging that the tea belongs to the Kenya. Click Here and take a look at the most popular origins of tea.

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