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The Best Hunting Spots In The Dominican Republic and How To Scope Them Out

The Dominican Republic boasts of some of the best beaches in the famous Caribbean islands, it’s a splash of culture and the communities are very welcoming to both local and international tourists.

Similar to other Caribbean islands the Dominican Republic waters offers a substantial amount of beauty and wildlife abundance. The skies are equally busy with a huge species of birds hovering around which tempts any newcomer to troll the wildlife here as they totally capture your attention. The Wahoo fish dominates the waters under as you get your bait teased by the Atlantic marlin.

The aquatic life is robust with tiny feeble tuna to gigantic sized sailfish which are a marvel to watch. The Wahoo is predominantly present in the Mahi Mahi as it fights for food with the billfish. This has made one of its luxurious beaches a top fishing spot for thrill seekers, anglers, and fish hunters.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana, one of the key beaches here offers a large range of hunting opportunities from reef ranging to Lagoon fishing .the most common game is The Wahoo and the Atlantic Marlin who find themselves easy prey as they constantly fight for feeding ground unaware of the presence of approaching fishermen. This normally done by snorkeling and also fly fishing which is equally carried out by the locals in the area.

Casa De Campo

Casa De Campo is another hunting sport. It covers sporting clays, skeet, trap, and bird shooting all under one roof. The expansive woodland which is approximately 245 acres has clay targets easily available coupled with trap layouts which are three in number, 200 sporting stations a skeet and 100-foot sporting tower to ensure the maximum experience is felt by the visitors out to hunt some bird game.

Some of the birds include quails, doves, pheasant, partridge, and duck which are spread out over the hills and the carved valleys below the hills. The beautiful hilly terrain that stretches has been prepared to give visitors an ultimate shooting experience as one can drive by and avoid excessive walking as you try to spot your prey, no restrictions from the government are in play all year round so one can take part in the shooting at any time of the year. A near butler service is offered under a Palapa building ensuring the spotters are refreshed all through their hunting experience.

Driven bird shooting

It is normally ideal for families and huge groups whereby the beaters open the caged birds and the shooters fire away to their own excitement and thrill as the trained bird dogs await their turn to collect any fallen debris. If you want to check out the top rated rifle scopes we recommend when going on a trip then click the link.

Walk up

Highly popular due to its simplicity. It is effective in hunting small game like quail, partridge, and pheasants which are common in the area. The hunters are normally allowed the company of dogs whereby they all walk in a single file between hedges and woods as they flush out the birds. It is more tedious compared to the driven game hunting as the hunters walk for long distances to locate their game.

Clay shooting

It is considered as another form of hunting if not preparing oneself for the same. It involves a shooter and a machine that jolts clay pieces at either slow or quick intervals in large numbers or fewer. This fractional second game is to aid calculating and timing between the points of exit of the clay to the time it’s shattered into fine dust from a shotgun fired by a timed shooter.

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