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Things To Do While Hanging Out At The Beach In The Dominican Republic

I stayed in the Dominican Republic for around five years, but my parents still stay there. I would say that those five years have been the golden years of my life. There I have enjoyed all colors of life and done everything from wildlife watching, touristy, heading towards beach destination and indulging in dolphin watching, sunshine cruises, horseback riding, playing golf, bingo, volleyball and dancing to my heart’s content. Over the years, Dominican Republic has grown in stature, and so it is the leading Caribbean vacation venue. It is all due to an endless number of beach activities you may undertake and the annual holidays you may enjoy. You can enjoy under the sun, indulge in water sports activities and create lifetime memories. One of the best things I invested in while there was a hanging beach chair.  Way better than a regular chair because they’re much more comfortable and relaxing. Top rated hanging hammock chairs reviews by has some great reviews on hammock chairs if you decide to go that route (which you should!).  Here I want to share the activities that I enjoyed the most at the beaches of Dominican Republic.

I never knew that the Dominican Republic could be so enjoyable. I was mesmerized at the number of beach activities I could undertake. Well, the opportunities were endless. I wanted to try my hands at water sports activities as I heard a lot about it. The Dominican Republic is surrounded by breathtaking mesmerizing views and warm water that is relaxing and soothing. My friends told me that Mecca is very famous for water sports, attracting tourists and regattas from all across the globe. You will be delighted to know that R.o.l.e.x Farr 40 Pre-Cup World Cup was held here in the year 2010. It has hosted Windsurfing World Cup whereas the Cabaret Beach is popularly known as Kiteboarding capital. It is an excellent combination of winds, waves, beaches to create an optimum condition for sports activities. I was delighted to see the surfing sites that are 16 in number. I indulged in wind surfing in the northern coast here. Some of the prime locations for water surfing are Puerto Plata, Rio San Juan, and Playa Grande. I was mesmerized to see the classic standard waves that reached up to 4 meters.

Diving is another major attraction of Dominican Republic. It has a thousand miles of coastline that houses brilliant caves, coral reefs, shipwrecks and are indeed, wonderfully covered by fish and fauna. Some of the best places for snorkeling drew my attention while I approached a guide to help me snorkel here. I dived in the Caribbean, and this was breathtaking and amazing. From the beginning I had a soft corner for water sports, and believe me, the Dominican Republic helped me to create lifetime memories.

I participated in water sports activities, enjoyed dolphin watching, fishing, scuba diving and Kiteboarding. You may not know that the Dominican Republic is also the finest fishing destination. It has hosted bill fishing tournaments of international level in the past. The International Billfish Shootout, Cap Cana Marina is the largest fishing destination in the entire Caribbean. Besides, the spas of Dominican Republic are also incredible. So, if you are seeking a beach holiday, you include the Dominican Republic in the list of the must-visit beach destination.

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