Welcome to Las Terrenas !

Idioma / Language: Español

Set midway along the peninsula's remote northern coast, the former fishing village of LAS TERRENAS has grown over the past twenty years from backwater to an expat-dominated resort town renowned for its buoyant nightlife. Though development has led to a new paved road from Sánchez and a town centre which, along with the beach, is lined with restaurants, bars and shops, the inland Dominican barrio remains much the same as it was.

Las Terrenas makes for a pleasant base camp from which to explore the northern part of the Samaná Peninsula; on either side are less developed beaches such as Playa Bonita ; a day trip to the El Limón waterfall is also highly recommended.

A side from spectacular day trips to the surrounding countryside, the beach, which stretches uninterrupted 2 km in either direction from town, is the focus of daytime entertainment. Just west of the Carretera is the less lively beach area, which stretches a full 2km to Playa Las Ballenas - a section of the beach named for three oblong islands in the waters just beyond it that resemble breaching humpback whales - before ending in a patch of swamp.

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